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Signe Miranda

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: songwriting & creativity for entrepreneurs

Unleash your soul through song! Express your passion and purpose creatively.
Signe Miranda
Songwriter, performer, speaker

Signe is a professional songwriter and musician, performing her original songs and recording for over 15 years; writing songs for over 20 years. She released three solo and band albums, tours across-Canada, is a songwriting & life coach; and is the #1 international best selling author of, "The Song Creation Formula: 7 Easy Steps to Writing Your Song."


Signe Miranda's Veranda are currently recording their new album "Heart Wave," with their first single, "It's Been So Long (Spread Out Our Wings)" recently released to radio. The title track of their sophomore album September Night, received an honorable mention in the 'Song of The Year' competition and her songs have been played on radio stations in the United States, Germany, Belarus, Macedonia, Colombia, Australia and New Zealand, with She's Breaking Up, from her latest album making #48 on NBTMusic Radio's top 100 songs of 2012. Signe has performed for audiences across Canada in all 10 provinces, doing interviews on CBC and college & commercial radio stations, as well as performing, in the UK, the United States and Norway. Her songs have been played on CBC radio and have charted on college radio across Canada.


Signe has been involved with personal development events for over seven years, volunteering, leading songwriting workshops and always looking for new ways to grow. She has a Train the Trainer Certification (Peak Potentials), Hon. B.A. from the University of Toronto (Specialist in Philosophy and Major in Anthropology), Professional Life Success Coach and NLP Practitioner (Association of Integrative Psychology) certifications.

Contact her here.

Speaking Testimonials:

"Signe Miranda is a wonderul performer and speaker. I was totally wowed by her personal stories of creativity, courage, and inspiration. her music comes from the same optimistic and courageous place as her stories do, and
with them she creates a wonderful performance that stimulates the human spirit!"

Jason Reid, Speaker & Coach, The Rechargeable Entrepreneur, Toronto, ON Canada

"Signe's storytelling & musical performance at momondays was inspiring and entertaining. The audience was moved and energized by her natural speaking style and songs that brought a smile to their faces."

Michel Neray, Founder & Producer of momondays, Professional MC/Speaker, Toronto, ON Canada

"Signe has beautiful way of sharing what happens when you put together passion, talent and dreams.  She inspires people through her story and music."

Jackie Thomas, Breakthrough Canada, ON Canada

"Having Signe live at our January momondays event was amazing! Her songs and her story were beautiful and if you have ever heard her voice, you know that we were treated to a moving performance. I cannot wait to hear her live again!"

George MacPherson, momondays Hamilton host, ON Canada


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